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What exactly is it we do?

Who are we?  

Why help Save the Sea?


We at Save the Sea are constantly researching, analyzing and collecting data for the sole purpose of saving our seas. We believe we can make this happen within our lifetime. It is a monumental task, but it can be done by starting a worldwide movement to renew our respect for the earth, our seas, animal life and mankind itself. It takes a global conscious effort to raise awareness, fix what is broken, and make something happen sooner rather than later. Our efforts and intentions to save the sea are sincerely focused on doing what is right, what needs to be done, and having the maximum impact so it can all be accomplished in the most effective way possible.

Our goal is to significantly improve the health, longevity and living conditions of those who live in and around the oceans. We do this in many ways. One of them is by developing specific programs and events organized to inspire a renewed appreciation of our seas and increase support for those currently working to preserve its natural habitats. Some of these programs consist of creating original audio and visual content aimed at raising our awareness, as well as our consciousness, to respect the sea and all the wondrous creatures that inhabit it. Our role in putting this together is crucial to help further the cause of many who sincerely share this vision by committing themselves, their time, energy and efforts to it. Through these programs we bring attention to the real issues and concerns facing our oceans today, help raise awareness, and create even more support for those who dedicate their lives to saving the sea. Not only do we support them, we educate others to the importance of what they do and the existence of their organizations. They too, recognize what we are doing and we are extremely grateful for their vital contributions to our coastal environments and the sea around us.

Our interactions with those committed to sea-based causes allow us to find out how effective they are at what they do, what they're trying to accomplish, and more importantly what their immediate needs are. In this way, we can have a greater impact saving our sea and help them be even more successful at what they do best. We are very careful in choosing which groups we help. We qualify these groups by determining how much of their budget is for administrative expenses and how much is set aside for programs and activities directly related to their stated purpose. We then decide where the help is really needed, and who is the most effective at accomplishing it. If necessary we work with them to help insure the completion and success of these programs.

Education is the key to our success. There are so many problems facing the health of our oceans all over the world. One of the most severe is the strip mining of our seas (using huge nets, sometimes miles long to catch fish). Everyday, all over the world, marine mammals and other forms of sea life are caught in these nets by the tons and die as a result of by-catch (unwanted or unintentional catch). Thousands of fish, whales, turtles, dolphins, and other forms of marine life are drowned, crushed, and suffocated, then tossed out, dead or dying, because they're not the kind the fishermen wanted to catch. This situation is severe and extremely difficult to control in international waters let alone a few miles off our coastline. Our seas and their invaluable resources are being depleted at an alarming rate. Until the world is unified in its purpose and gets together as one to resolve these serious problems, they will perpetually escalate, and eventually the damage will be completely irreversible.

There are many other problems that need attention too, some on a smaller scale but just as important, especially to those dedicating their lives to it. Consider the time, patience and energy it takes to rescue, care for and treat just one injured leatherback sea turtle or to carefully unwind each strand of fishing line endlessly tangled and wrapped tightly around the fins, tail and mouth of a California gray whale. Some of these whales and turtles have been suffering for years before someone has even been able to get close enough to try and free them from this completely unnatural human caused torture.

Other problems occur right on our own beaches. Think about how long it takes to clean a stretch of coastline littered for miles with cans, bottles, broken glass, tires and all kinds of discarded debris. It takes hours upon hours, for days and weeks, month after month, all year round. Unfortunately, this situation and almost every other dilemma facing our oceans' environment today is a direct result of man's negligence, shortsightedness and disregard for the sea around us.

We believe that with your help we can really make a profound difference. We must speed up the process and fix these growing problems now. Informing the masses to what is really happening and how it effects all of us is just the beginning. Aligning our purposes to one crystal clear voice can and will help Save the Sea. We believe in this. We dedicate our time, energy, resources and most importantly ourselves to it.

The sea represents so much to so many for so long. Appreciating its beauty, power and depth is appreciating our humanity, who we are, and why we are here. Like the ocean, we are all extremely connected and interdependent yet individually every one of us is of crucial significance. Remember, each of us can and does make a difference in our own way. No matter how small or inconsequential what we do may seem to us, the world will be a much better place because of our decisions to do the right thing and create change.

Please help us. Become our partner in saving the sea and help make the world a better place for all of us… for many generations to come.

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