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Our film finance team considers mid level (10 to 25 Million $US) property acquisitions that adhere to our strict financial criteria.  


For more information contact:


Robert Velo

President of Production

IMDB Robert Velo


Our strategy is simple.  We hire, and partner with those with proven track records in this space.


We stick to what we know.  We target specific audiences, and networks. We bring a complete package with simultaneous social integration, and we cast and hire the right actors and directors.

For a current slate of projects contact:


Our multi-platform content production team writes, develops, and publishes copy for a variety of digital platforms including short format productions, marketing and advertising campaigns, and nearly everything social.

We also produce music based content, music videos, docu-series, podcasts, and livestreaming events.


Commune has partnered with MENTION MEDIA to better service our clients. 


Mention Media will continue providing music related client services for previous Commune projects.


CJ Abraham, aka The SuperChris (Producer) has been a composer, songwriter, producer, and talent developer for over 20 years working with several Nickelodeon and Disney Stars, and creating music for several top shows on those networks.  He has also worked within the advertising and marketing industries on several national campaigns for major brands, worked in TV and Film, social media technologies, and several philanthropic initiatives.  With Commune Management, CJ has created a management company for music artists, songwriters, and producers, utilizing his experience across all entertainment platforms to maximize his clients' opportunities in this ever changing market.



Commune Creative Development

11693 San Vicente Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90049


Robert Velo

President of Production


CJ Abraham

Chief Creative Officer


Jill Dictrow


Darin Heames

Creative Director

Monica Wolfe

Production Coordinator

Kevin Koloff

Legal Representation

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